Monday, October 21, 2013

The Beer Vending Machine is Real

Well folks, the rumors have been confirmed as true.  There is in fact a vending machine located in the convent that dispenses beer for the sisters.  And the best part? Each bud (or bud light if that's what you prefer) only costs 60 cents.  Below are pictures to prove this treasure actually exists.  Don't let the large Welch's fruit juice front fool you, there is nothing but barley malt, hoppy, yeasty goodness being dispensed out of this amazing machine.

Beginning of Week 3 and Still Kickin'

I can't believe how fast time has flown!  It feels like yesterday that I settled into my room in the old Maryknoll sisters' cloister (still called "the cloister" although the nuns who live there are no longer "cloistered").  Some highlights include the following:

Completing day 1 of a 3 day enneagram workshop (the other two days will occur this week).  If you don't know what the enneagram is, here's a great time to learn.  It's a personality test of
       sorts.  We are learning about it in the context of learning where your strengths lie and where you
       might have opportunity for growth.  Here's a website if you want to learn more and/or take some
       free tests (don't take any of the ones you have to pay for...)

Hearing the 30 minute version of everyone's life story in our group!  It's amazing the journeys people have taken to arrive here at this orientation.  Might seem like a long and tedious day, but
       it's honestly been one of my favorite to date.

Being told that I had "the face of Ireland" by one of the nuns.  Let me set the stage: I had just walked inside the sisters' main building on my way to breakfast with newly washed hair which,  
       due a to a strong wind, had been blown in 10000 different directions and had a fair amount of
       curl.  As I stepped into the lobby, one of the sisters immediately YELLED, "Would you look at
       that! Doesn't she just have the face of Ireland!"  She then counseled me to stay out of trouble and
       never lose those freckles.  I made a solemn promise to always remain faithful to the second
       request :)

Hiking and tours!  This Sunday was a big day for me.  I started off exploring Croton Point Park per Paul Gualano's recommendation and LOVED it (see below pictures).  Sister Geri then took us
       all on a tour of the area complete with a stop in Sleepy Hollow and pictures with the headless

Monday, October 7, 2013

Let the Games begin.

As of tonight I have completed the first day and a half of my 10-week orientation.  But actually, I'm not counting; so far, it's been great.  Last night kicked off with an overview of what our time will look like followed by a welcome cook-out! De-lish :)  Today has been full of tours of both the buildings and grounds of the Congregation (ie Maryknoll Sisters) and of the Society (ie Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers).  The rich mission history of both groups in their courageous commitment to work along side and serve the poor of our world has left me with an overwhelming sense of Catholic pride--not a feeling I am used to having these days, but greatly welcomed.  My eight other fellow orientees are also a great source of joy! Below are pictures of all of them with a short little bio :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And so it begins...

Gearing up to start my drive out to New York tomorrow!  Attending a friend's wedding in Boston on Saturday and then it's off to start my 10-week orientation on Sunday.  I can't believe how fast time has flown.  I am truly going to miss Madison and all of my amazing family, friends, and coworkers.  Had a final breakfast this morning at Monty's with night shift (and PM shift!!) coworkers. Of course complete with a princess crown.  Can't wait for ALL of them to come visit me down in Bolivia... Or just pick up and move down there with me... Whichever :)