Monday, October 7, 2013

Let the Games begin.

As of tonight I have completed the first day and a half of my 10-week orientation.  But actually, I'm not counting; so far, it's been great.  Last night kicked off with an overview of what our time will look like followed by a welcome cook-out! De-lish :)  Today has been full of tours of both the buildings and grounds of the Congregation (ie Maryknoll Sisters) and of the Society (ie Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers).  The rich mission history of both groups in their courageous commitment to work along side and serve the poor of our world has left me with an overwhelming sense of Catholic pride--not a feeling I am used to having these days, but greatly welcomed.  My eight other fellow orientees are also a great source of joy! Below are pictures of all of them with a short little bio :)

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