Monday, January 20, 2014

Espanol here I come!!

It finally arrived!  MY VERY FIRST DAY OF LANGUAGE SCHOOL!  Below is my best attempt at a first day of school picture.  For very obvious reasons I am very grateful that I won't ever be formally graded on taking a selfie... (Side note, big shout out to my grandmother Leedle for heavily suggesting that I get the blue jacket I'm wearing--I have worn it for some amount of time almost every single day since I've been down here!)
So onto my day.  In short, I LOVED it.  The teachers are amazing, and I'm very very happy to finally be studying all of the grammar and sentence structures I have learned and re-learned multiple times and then promptly forgotten...  Eesh.  Why aren't the Babel fish from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy real??  Ok.  Back to the details.  Classes start at 9am and go until 12:35pm.  The school day is broken up into four 45 minute sessions.  All of the students are one on one with a different teacher each session.  However, the teachers do not work independently, but collaborate after each session for about 5 minutes to figure out how best to serve each individual student.  Yup.  I have never felt more spoiled or excited to learn in my life.  Today was basically spent evaluating where I stand in my Spanish proficiency (or un-proficiency).  I quite literally talked about everything and anything (including butchering a short oration over the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr...  SO embarrassing.  I can guarantee you that teacher thinks I know absolutely nothing about the man OR the Civil Rights Movement...awesome).  Tomorrow I get to find out what work book will be my source of lots of homework over the next couple of months!  YAY!  But honestly, I am super excited about homework and learning.  If I haven't mentioned yet that not being able to express myself is s.l.o.w.l.y. killing me, then I'll do so right now.  I need my voice.  My heart goes out to all of those who live in a place where they don't speak and/or understand the language of those around them.  It might be one of the most humbling and frustrating experiences I have ever had.  This will forever even more so increase my compassion for non-English speakers in the U.S.  The next time you see/hear someone having a problem surrounding the use of English (and I don't mean poor grammar used by those who should know better...), think of my "struggles" down here and maybe shoot a kind smile their way :)


  1. Loving the blog, Cait! So glad to hear everything is off to a great start. Good luck with the classes. I'll be thinking of you as I start my third day subbing for Spanish at Sitka High!