Saturday, January 11, 2014

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and...

I'm in BOLIVIA!  I made it into Cochabamba around 9am this morning and could not be happier to be done.with.traveling.  Blah.  It will be a loooong time before I am ready to attempt that trip again!  I was met at the airport by my host mother and the current Maryknoll Lay Missioners--they even cheered for me as I walked from the plane into the baggage claim area AND greeted me with this beautiful sign.  I feel very lucky :)
My host mother's name is Ana Maria and she is lovely.  I've been told mulltiple times that all I should be doing today is resting and drinking TONS of water so as not to be affected by the change in altitude.  HOWEVER, although I did rest a bit, I of course was unable to resist the request of Ana Maria's neice's daughter Valeria to play with her (surprising to all of you, I'm sure :) ).  Valeria is 6 years old and so far after watching her "accidently" throw the ball we were playing with over the garden wall into the street multiple times AND spit water on me more than once, I gather that she's a bit of trouble maker.  Wouldn't have it any other way.  Here's a picture of the two of us she took on my computer.
She told me I didn't look like myself in this picture.  I thanked her graciously for obvious reasons ;)  I have also met Ana Maria's son Jimmy and his son Lucas (age 10).  I was told Jimmy also has a daughter Ariana (age 7) and wife (didn't catch the wife's name).  

My room is large with many couches and chairs, a desk, and a bed with a gold metalic bedspread (holler!).  I also have a great window with a pretty nice view! See pictures below.
Look who came with me to Bolivia!  Marnie, does that cute little bear look familiar? And please note the bed is not made--so maybe i'm not completely perfect afterall ;)
Here's the view from the bed.  I honestly don't think they could have squeezed any more furniature into this room!  I'm sure it will be very nice to have so much space to myself (read when the children aren't around...) while trying to acclimate to a new culture.
And the view out my window!  It's wide open right now and letting in a wonderful breeze.  Don't think I'm going to be finding it too challenging to get used to this weather.

Tomorrow I'll go to mass and lunch with the other lay missioners.  I'm not exactly sure of what this week will hold for me, but am under the assumption that I'll spend a lot of my time visiting the other missioners' work sites.  Language school doessn't officially start until the following week.  I could not be any more excited about getting my Spanish back in gear. I kind of wish I was starting tomorrow.  So far, my present tense comments/stories/questions have gone over perfectly.  The same may or may not also be true for those *attempted* to be told in the past...  *cough*  At least I know, I can only get better from here.  Much love to you all.  All of the excitement of arriving has not completely dulled my sadness of leaving everyone in the states, but I am positive this is the start of something great :)


  1. you are the best! I am so jealous/happy/excited/nervous for you!!! xoxoxo

  2. I'm the proudest work mom ever! Love the blog but makes me miss you again. I just found out there are now stringless can phones! Who knew?!

  3. I am grateful for your safe arrival and all the adventures that await you!

    BTW I agree with your opinion of your bedspread!! lol! :)